Getting Started With Your Plane Kit

Here’s how to get started on your plane kit.

The package you’ve been waiting for, for whole weeks on end, has finally arrived at your doorstep. What package is it? For one thing, it might contain the mobile accessories which you purchased from AliExpress (using the keywords ‘AliExpress coupon mobile accessories). Or, it might contain the item from Lazada which you ordered and from which you get to enjoy a huge discount using the Lazada voucher for cash on delivery.

But no. It contains neither of those items. Instead, the package is a surprise from your favorite uncle, and it’s a model aircraft kit. In short, it’s one of those do-it-yourself things that you really love but find extremely difficult to finish. Good thing there are a lot of tips to get you started on your plane kit.

Tips in Working on Your Plane Kit


First tip, try to determine if the level of difficulty of the plane kit is one that matches your skill level in assembling. If it does, then you’re in luck. There’s no greater joy than knowing that the kit you got actually matches your capacities for building it. In the event that you determine that you’re no match for its difficulty, you can always ask for help.


Second tip: the first model is always the most difficult. The key to enjoying and getting the hang of assembling is to keep doing it again and again. So if it’s your first time, there’s no point in getting discouraged and frustrated if you’re taking too long or getting things wrong. The most difficult is almost always the first time to do it.

Third tip: make use of the manual. This is not the time to play know-it-all and throw away the manual of instructions. Now is the time to get those reading and comprehension skills in practice and try to understand the manual as best as you can. You’ll be grateful that you were humble enough to brave your way through it, especially when you’re done.

Fourth tip: contrary to what others usually do, cut off the parts. Do not break them off. Why? This allows you to ensure the perfect fit for the little parts of your model. Breaking them off would just make you run the risk of breaking off more than what’s necessary, thus compromising the fit.